It’s estimated that 5% of all devices your business owns will end up lost or stolen…

That’s the average for companies. Isn’t it worrying? And expensive?

But what’s more worrying is the loss of the sensitive data that’s stored on these devices and the ramifications that this will have on your business.

If this data gets into the wrong hands, the results for your business could be catastrophic.  Just imagine having to tell the ICO (information commissioner’s office) that you left your unencrypted laptop on the train and now someone has access to all of your customers sensitive data…..

Don’t worry though – there’s an easy way to protect yourself and the data your business owns.

It’s called encryption.

This is a way of encoding your sensitive data, so that only people who have the correct key can decode it and read it.

So, if you get your mobile device (Smart phone or laptop) encrypted and it goes missing, only the person with the right password can access your data.

Encrypting all your devices is the best possible way to protect your business from a potential data leak.

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