Tracking mileage can be a real pain and take up a lot of time – especially if you’re out and about on the road a lot.

But it’s important your team can track their miles accurately. Otherwise someone loses out – either them or the business.

The great news is, there is a really easy way to do this, and you already have access to it if your business has an Office 365 subscription.

It’s called MileIQ – it takes the pain out of the whole process because you no longer need to work out your distance.

MileIQ does all that for you, by logging your drives and distances via the mobile app.

All you need to do is classify, edit and report deductible mileage as and when you need to.  It can even send an Excel report to your accountant or bookkeeper on a weekly/monthly basis.

There’s also a bunch of personalised features, including the options to add vehicles and odometer readings, named locations and designated work hours.

There are so many useful apps your business could be benefitting from within the Office 365 family.   If you think you’re not getting the most out of your Office 365 subscription or would just like an overview of what is actually available to your business, then talk to us today and we’ll show what else you could be using.