Tech update 19th September 2022


Using a cloud server has so many benefits for your business.

It’s a flexible way to store as much data as you need, and work on it from any location.

But you must be 100% sure your data is protected.

A new report’s studied businesses that were hacked. It found a huge 41% were breached through their cloud server.

And that figure is rising by 10% every year.

Why? Often, it’s because companies don’t invest as much into the security of their cloud servers as they should.

Emails were found to be the second biggest entry point for cyber criminals…

Followed by servers in your office that you access remotely…

And then employee-owned mobile devices.

Remember – cyber criminals don’t just target big businesses.

They use automated tools to target all businesses, all the time.

Smaller businesses make easier targets when they don’t take security seriously and put effective protection in place.

It’s never possible to prevent 100% of attacks. But if you take all the right steps to keep your business safe your chances of suffering a successful attack go down dramatically.

If you’re not sure your cloud server – or any part of your technology – is safe, contact us. We’ll check for you.