So today we enter another lockdown, which could potentially bring the same issues to your workforce that you may have encountered back in March.  Lots of business have upgraded their systems to allow for a hybrid working environment, so this new lockdown will not be as painful (technologically anyway) as the last lockdown.  But what if you haven’t adjusted your systems, or put some “quick fixes” in place and have not reviewed them since?

A hybrid working environment is great for your workforce, but if not correctly implemented and monitored it could be disastrous for your business.  We’ve put together a checklist of things for you to review to strengthen your systems and get the most from your team.

1, System Security
If staff are working from laptops at their homes have you considered all of the security implications, both physical and virtual?  As a minimum laptops should be encrypted and have strong passwords assigned to user accounts.  Password protected screensavers should also be enabled and set for a relatively short time out to stop anyone else in the household using the device.

2, Data Security
How are your staff gaining access to your data?  If they are using a VPN is it setup with end to end encryption?  Are your staffs home routers properly secured to stop hackers gaining access to their home networks?

3, Staff Engagement
Working from home can make your staff feel very isolated.  What communication systems do you have in place so that staff can easily and effectively communicate with their workmates? If your businesses has an Office 365 subscription then are you making full use of the Teams package?  The video and instant chat functionality can turn your isolated team into a connected, engaged team with no extra cost to you.  We have a guide to getting the most from teams which can be accessed here.

4, Staff Productivity
It may be very tempting for you staff whilst working from home to put some washing on, or maybe take an extended lunch break.  Do you have any systems in place to measure and monitor staff productivity from home?  Our systems allow you to monitor how long the user is active, and non active by measuring time since mouse clicks, keyboard actions and even screen captures so that you can see what your staff are working on.  Whilst this may sound a bit like “Big Brother” it is a sure way for you to get the most from your staff whilst working remotely.

If you would like to arrange a Audit of your IT systems, including your work from home setup please arrange a no obligation call via my calendar below so that we can talk through the process, or just to chat about getting the most from your current setup.