When you have a zillion things to do every day, writing a good ol’ fashioned list is the easiest way to stay organised and plan ahead.

And now, there’s an even better way to manage the lists you write.

Lists is a Microsoft 365 app, devoted to creating simple, flexible, and intelligent lists. Helping you to stay on top of your busy schedule.

Whether you’re at home, in the office or on the move, you can access your lists anywhere as it has a web and mobile app. And can also be accessed through the Microsoft 365 search engine.

Integration with Teams comes as standard. Simply adding a new tab to a Teams channel will give you the ability to select lists, embed existing lists and create new ones.  This means that you can then share your lists with other members of the channel, or create a list specifically for that channel that all members can contribute towards.

Lists are highly customisable. And you can use handy templates which are designed to suit a wide range of uses.  There will be a template to suit you needs and more are being added.

365 offers a whole suite of apps to help make you and your team more efficient.  To see if you are getting the most out of 365, or would like to start using it within your business arrange a call with Louise by accessing her calendar below.