Your business relies on its IT systems, so working with an award-winning IT support company is a must

Fully Managed Services
Award Winning IT Support In Bath

We support businesses in Bath, helping them grow by embracing new technology and systems. Our multi award-winning IT support services provide Bath businesses with unbeatable IT support and consultation services.

We offer bespoke IT support solutions for businesses in Bath.  Our support systems are designed around your business as we realise that no two companies are the same.

Our highly skilled support engineers are constantly undergoing training on the latest technology. This enables us to offer you technical solutions to problems your business may be encountering.   We guarantee to deliver the best IT Support and consultations in Bath.

Take a look at our customer testimonials to see how happy our customers are with our multi award-winning services

When you work with us we manage all of your IT infrastructure and systems, leaving you to concentrate on growing your business and delivering great service to your customers.

Our team will become an invaluable part of your company.  One of our highly skilled technicians will become your primary point of contact.  They will learn your systems inside out and because we are proactive in our approach, we will be fixing problems before you are even aware of them.

Why not work with an established, but dynamic and constantly evolving IT support provider, like us, rather than a reactive, slow and costly IT provider?

Our guarantee to you

Working with geekingITsimple is risk free!  We will not tie you into long contracts.  We are Cyber Essentials and ISO 9001 registered so your data is safe with us.  We are proactive, offering fast responses when you need us.


Stress free IT, it's only a phone call away

Managed IT services

Managed services are much more than just fixing IT problems. Our services are tailored to the individual business’s needs by fully understanding your business goals and providing the right support, security, technology and guidance to help you achieve them.

Cyber Defence Training

Because employees are the core of any business, they will be the main target for cyber criminals. Making sure your people stay up-to-date with cyber security knowledge, and teaching them to recognise threats, is imperative to the security of your business. The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and so should your approach to defence.

Managed IT Security Services

This business changing security solution is only available to our monthly managed customers, and we currently have an implementation waiting list, so act quickly to never have to worry about Ransomware attacks, phishing emails or staff stealing your data ever again.

Managed Phone Systems

Voice over IP phone systems (VoIP) allow you to run your office phone systems over any internet connection. This enables you to have office phones anywhere where there is an internet connection, or an app on your mobile phone.

Your single point of contact for IT Services in Bath

You shouldn’t have to spend your day fixing IT issues.  Let us manage and improve your IT systems so that you can concentrate on growing your business.  Working with us will be cost effective, as the extra time you and your team will gain will lead to extra business!

Our services include award winning security and GDPR compliant backup and disaster recovery solutions, so you can rest assured your company data is safe and secure.

All of our solutions are designed individually for your business, with the sole purpose of stopping you and your team from being distracted by daily niggles.

Our award winning team are on hand via phone call, email, remote and on site support when you need it.  Our proactive team are also fixing problems before you are aware of them.  All of your hardware is monitored for failing components 24/7/365.

We are an IT support provider you can rely on, and you will instantly notice an improvement with your systems when we start working together.

Pressure Points

Is your Business being restricted by…

An IT Support company that are reactive rather than proactive?

Some IT companies wait for things to go wrong before fixing them. We take the proactive approach to managed services, this means most problems are fixed without you even knowing there was a problem. If you don’t have to call us that means we’re doing our job well.

An unmotivated IT Support company who do not meet with you regularly to discuss your business goals?

Some IT support companies only care about adding your support contract to their bottom line. We are actively interested in your business and meet quarterly with you to discuss your growth plans so we can adapt your systems to meet your growing needs.

A frustrating level of support which makes you waste time chasing up on support requests?

Do you get frustrated having to waste your time chasing up the status of a support call? Do you log calls and never hear back? Not with geekingITsimple. Your business will be assigned a minimum of two named engineers who you will be able to make direct contact with.

An IT Support company who are failing to support you and are hindering your business?

Do you want to grow your business but are being restricted by clunky systems? Do you feel like your problems are not their top priority? Because we work differently to most IT support companies by giving you two named support technicians, they will get to know your systems inside out, and will be able to resolve issues much more quickly.

Constantly being charged for going over your contracted support hours or being charged a hefty amount for a poor level of service?

At geekingITsimple all of our support contracts come with allocated hours per month, or “all you can eat” options for support. You will never have any nasty surprises for extra work carried out by us, which makes your budgeting much easier.

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