IT Audit
Giving you a clear picture of how your IT systems are currently configured, and an action plan to save you money and make your systems secure

A systems audit is a three stage process:

Step 1
A 45 minute phone call to run through the first stage questions. Please be aware some of the questions will be technical, so it may be helpful to have someone technical on the call if you are unsure about your current setup. Don’t worry if this is not possible as we can clarify any unanswered questions during the scan stage.

Start the process now for only £250 + vat!

Step 2
Our engineers will carry out the Audit remotely, with only a short site visit needed in most cases.  We will then collate our findings and produce a minimum 28 page report for you, detailing how your systems are currently setup, but more importantly a detailing what can be done to secure your systems, improve productivity and associated costs.

Step 3
We will deliver this report to you via Zoom/Teams or in person should conditions allow, and answer any questions you may have.  We would also be happy to implement any of our findings you would wish to progress with.  If after delivery of the audit report you are not 100% satisfied we will, of course, offer a refund.

What the Audit will cover

  • Cloud Services

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Disaster Recovery Plan

  • IT / Password Policy

  • Cyber Security

  • Firewall Configuration and Security

  • Hardware; Inc. Warranty and Age

  • Update / patch Management

  • Remote Access

  • Licencing

  • Infrastructure

  • Network Configuration

  • Telephony

  • BYOD

  • Backup Scope

  • LOB Software

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