“Honesty is always the best policy and will never be punished.”

This is the culture your business should promote when it comes to potential breaches in cyber-security.

When we’re busy, we can easily get tricked by an online scam. Because most are so believable.  The thing is your staff may be too embarrassed to tell you they have clicked on a bad link.  That could have devastating consequences for your IT systems, and your business!

If your team feels like they’ve clicked a bad link or made some other security mistake, you want them to tell your IT people immediately. Often, the faster this is reported, the less damage can be done.  Ransomware can be stopped, and the damage limited, but only with a super quick response from your IT partners.  That’s why it is super important they are informed straight away and were talking minutes here rather than hours.

That’s why promoting a culture of honesty can help your staff feel comfortable coming forward and reporting any issues. In fact, they should be rewarded for it.

It maybe that your staff just haven’t realised they have clicked on a bad link because they didn’t know how to spot it.  That’s where Cyber Awareness training comes into its own, and it’s something all of your staff need. With cyber aware staff they will be able to spot a phishing email, or a dodgy website and move away from it instead of clicking a link and downloading ransomware, or giving away their username and password for a hacker to use to access your systems,

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