Running a business often means you end up dealing with things that were not planned as being a part of your day.  Ask yourself this question, how often does that include dealing with IT issues, or worse still, dealing with IT issues because your current provider is unresponsive?

As your company has grown, has your IT support kept pace with your company’s development?

IT support is not just about fixing things when they go wrong.   A good IT support provider will work with your company to make sure your IT systems are developing in line with your company’s growth.  What’s more your IT support provider should be proactive in their approach to supporting your business by detecting and fixing issues before you are even aware of them.

Remember your IT support company will grow (hopefully) through the years and there may well come a point when they no longer want to support you, leaving you without a viable support option.

This is just one of the differences that set us apart from other IT companies in our area.  Our company culture allows us to grow with our client base and never reject a business due to the number of employees they may have, now or in the future.  We love to grow and nurture our client relationships and their technology!

 Having to wait for an unresponsive engineer to get back to you can be the most frustrating experience in the world, especially if you have deadlines to meet.  Cast your mind back to your last telephone exchange with your current IT provider, was it a pleasant experience?  Did you have to wait for a call back, or even worse have to phone back again as you never heard back from them?  Did the engineer you spoke to give you confidence that they could fix the issue, or did you get the impression they didn’t really know how to solve your problem? 

All of our support contracts are governed by a Service Level Agreement tailored to your company’s needs.  What’s more, if we ever went over the agreement (we never have yet) then our guarantee would mean you get the next months support for free – that’s how serious we take our commitment to your business.

If you have been let down by your IT provider, or reading this blog has got you thinking about your current IT support provider, then why not book in a 15 minute, no obligation phone call with Jamie, our MD, so we can spend some time getting to know you and your business, and if you wish to, start the journey to award winning, stress free IT.