As frustrating as it can be to a business owner, you can’t stop your team posting the odd tweet, checking their Instagram stories or liking their friend’s latest Facebook post while at work, especially more so with most staff currently working from home.

And you can probably live with that, so long as it doesn’t get in the way of their work too much.

But for some people, especially disengaged staff, social media can be too much of a temptation. It can cause them to lose focus and reduce productivity. Which can become a real problem, very quickly.

There are three ways that technology can help you with this problem however….

Firstly, you could use a productivity planner such as Microsoft To Do (it comes with Office 365) where you can set those staff certain deadlines for tasks to keep them on track.

Secondly you can discreetly monitor how they’re using the internet. And if you see that there’s a problem, you can raise it with them privately in the right way. It’s always worth mentioning thought that if you are going to do this its best to have it stated in your company handbook or contract of employment so that your staff have given you permission to monitor their internet activity.

Thirdly you could implement an internet filtering system so that you have the ability to block certain websites, or categories (such as social media which would block all of them) either across all of your machines, or granular, so it only affects certain people.

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