It’s quite a common misconception that people who own a Mac seem to think.  Sadly, it is far from the truth.  Some experts would say that it’s only really been over the past few years that Macs have developed security vulnerabilities, but what if I told you the first virus for a Mac was released in 1982!

Apple even released a set of ads back in 2006 stating that “macs can’t get viruses”.  Whilst it is true to say that the Mac operating system is much more robust than its windows counterpart it is still susceptible to viruses and malware.

Over the years Apple have developed its MacOS to have built in security features, and these features have been built on over the years.  Sadly however, they are not a replacement for a robust antivirus/malware solution.

Apple now vet all new programs through their security system in a bid to spot malicious code.  Sadly this process failed and landed Apple in the news when it was identified that the Shlayer malware had been approved by Apples security system.

Using a Mac, PC, or any device connected to the internet runs the risk of malware, viruses and other nasties finding their way onto your device.  Simple steps such as only visiting sites you know to be legitimate, not downloading any software from the internet, and if you do running it through an antivirus scanner first before running will help to reduce your risk.  It’s also worth remembering to run antivirus scans at least once a week to make sure nothing is on your system.

This is where managed IT services really prove their power.  All of the systems we manage are linked to our central Antivirus system which scans all of our customers devices daily and if any malicious software is found we remove it without even needing to disrupt you whilst you work.

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