Tech update 12th December 2022

Data breaches have the potential to ruin your business – they really are that serious.

According to recent reports, it takes most companies on average 6 months to find out their data has been breached.

That is a scary statistic – a dangerously long time! It is one of the main reasons why the financial impact of a breach can be so disastrous.

Spotting the early signs of a data breach is vital. Not only can it save your business thousands of pounds… but also its hard-earned reputation.

To protect your business, you need to be proactively monitoring your data security. Someone needs to be looking for the early signs of a data breach in progress, which could include things such as changes to critical files, unusual outbound traffic (websites or emails), suspicious user activity and locked accounts.

Do you know what you would do if you did spot something like this?  Do you have a plan in place that is well thought out and tested ready for when it needs to be implemented?

What’s even more worrying is that most small to medium sized businesses have the mindset that they “don’t need to worry about hacking” as “they are too small for hackers to try and hit”.  Sadly we hear this statement from business owners on a weekly basis, but we can tell you that businesses similar in size to yours are being hit every day.

The sooner you’re aware of something happening, the sooner you can swoop in and stop it.  And the only way you will pick up on something happening is by proactively monitoring your systems and your data.

This is how we can help. By carefully monitoring your security and stepping in before it’s too late.

We’re here to protect your business. Let’s talk.