Work from home has almost become the norm for many businesses due to the dreaded C word (no not Christmas!).  Whilst most employees prefer to work from home, are you sure that you are getting the same levels of work from your staff as when they were in the office?

Whilst I’m not suggesting for a second that you should be keeping an eye on your staff for every minute they are supposed to be working, but surely you would want to know how productive your staff have been whilst working from home.

There any many different solutions available to suit your needs, from daily activity reports of when your staff are “active” I.e. using the computer” and “inactive” when the screen saver kicks in, or the computer goes to sleep.  You can also see screenshots taken every 30 seconds, lists of websites visited and for how long your staff were on there, and also lists of applications opened on the computer.

I know this will sound a little bit like big brother is watching, but if you have a disengaged member of staff these simple monitoring tools can instantly help you to identify who they are, so you can put appropriate support plans in place.

These monitoring systems can also be deployed in office environments if you feel you need to monitor staff within the office environment and works exactly the same way as external monitoring.

Whilst these systems can seem rather extreme, they could potentially save you hundreds of pounds in nonproductive work time.

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