Whilst some of us long to return to the office it looks as if the “new normal” is going to include a large amount of home working, so is your business prepared for a long period of hybrid (home and office) working?

Your business may find itself in a position currently that was hastily put together when the national lockdown was introduced at the end of March.  Everyone was only planning on offices being closed for a few months, but until an effective vaccine can be found business owners are going to find themselves juggling a hybrid workforce.

So now is the time to review your current setup and ask some tough questions, is it fit for purpose?  Is it cost effective?  And most importantly, is it secure?

Some systems such as office 365 and VOIP phones lend themselves perfectly to this hybrid environment, but, if not configured properly, could open your businesses up to hackers, crypto viruses, and data breaches.

If your employees are accessing data on a business laptop are you sure the drives are encrypted?  If not and they were stolen then the thief would have access to your business data.  Even worse, are employees accessing your business data on their own devices?  Are they using the same computer account that their kids use to play Minecraft?  Do they have adequate antivirus/malware, and that’s before drive encryption……

There are many things to consider and standardisation is key to a secure, successful hybrid deployment.  Now is the time to review your current setup and make sure your systems and processes are robust enough to deal with whatever the winter period may bring us.

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