It doesn’t matter if you use Office 365 for your emails, or another system such as an onsite exchange server or Gmail, there are ways to strengthen the security of your email systems.

There are four main areas of security that we recommend to all our clients. The first is to enable two factor authentication on all mailboxes. This means when you put in your email password you then get asked for a secondary authentication code, which is generated by an app on your phone, so even if someone managed to get your password, they could still not access your mailbox without the secondary code.

We then recommend that SPF, DKIM and DMARC records are setup for your email systems. These systems reduce the risk of your emails from being spoofed. Spoofing is where a malicious attacker sends an email to someone else, maybe one of your customers, pretending to be from you, and the receiver will receive an email that appears to have come from you. The malicious attacker could add an invoice to the email, with their own bank details on, so your customer could potentially send a hacker some money, and your customer would think they would be paying your business.

Essentially the way these records work is to tell any email server that receives an email from you that it’s only genuine if it comes from a specific email server, or set of servers.  So if a hacker tried to send a spoofed email from their server to one of your customers, it would be automatically rejected by your email server as it would have failed the security checks.  This means it wouldn’t even appear in the recipient’s inbox.

Setting up these systems is the easiest way to secure your emails and keep your reputation safe.  For more information call us today on 01373 470170.