For businesses, email is still the most popular form of communication. And that’s why it’s under attack 24/7/365.

The tactics cyber-criminals use are getting more advanced every day. Which means it can be difficult to know if your email has been compromised.

The best thing you can do is stay alert and have all the necessary protections in place.  Have you implemented any security systems to keep your emails, and your other data safe?

Keep a lookout for bad emails to begin with. And DO NOT click any suspicious looking links, as this is the most common way hackers can get into your system.  A good security system would block these malicious links from loading on your computer, so if you accidentally clicked on a link you would still be safe.

Look for signs that you’ve been already hacked. Such as unusual messages in your sent items folder. Unexpected notifications about password resets. Or complaints and concerns from contacts.

If you’re concerned about your email security, take steps today to protect your business. All it takes is one person to click one bad link, and your business could be the victim of a vicious attack.  What’s more it may not even be obvious to you that your systems have been compromised for weeks or even months, as hackers will lie low once they have access to your systems to find out all of it’s weaknesses before they start to take advantage.

If you need help and advice on email security. Or if you suspect your email has already been compromised, get in touch with us right now.