Would it shock you to read that 306.4 billion emails were sent every day in 2020?  I’d love to know how many of them ended up in your inbox?

Whilst built in spam filters with Office 365 or Gmail continue to improve they are no match for third party email security filters.  We employ a third party filter that scans every message and only delivers the ones that are legitimate and hold no security threat to you, or your network.

These filtering systems firstly check the sender to see if they are on any known spam lists, then checks the contents for any malicious web links and also scans any attachments for viruses.  Once the email has passed all of these checks it is then safely delivered to your inbox.

Every day you receive a report from the spam filter showing you all of the emails it has blocked, and why, and if you wish you can even release a blocked message if you need to.

This online systems causes zero downtime for your email system on implementation and quietly works away in the background, what’s not to like?

Sadly over the years we have heard the horror stories from local companies who have received emails pretending to be from the owner demanding that the attached invoice is paid immediately, usually in the region of tens of thousands of pounds, and getting their money back proved to be extremely difficult.

Our email security systems would not even let those emails through to your inboxes.  The security benefits that this system brings to your company and personally to you, as the business owner, are immense.

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