Hacks are so much more subtle now than a few years ago, so could you confidently say that you would know if your business systems had been hacked?  Hacks can come in many forms, from malicious emails pretending to be from one of your staff (usually your boss or finance person) or a customer demanding payment of an invoice.  These are usually pretty easy to spot, but not always……

Hackers also try to get into your systems by directing you to malicious websites designed to look like login pages for Microsoft, or Google for example.  This then allows them to find your usernames and passwords for these accounts.

As your workforce is probably working remotely this also increases the chances of your company being hit by a hacker as interoffice communication may not be to the same level it was as when you were in the same room as your work colleagues.

The danger is present and very real, so could you say with 100% certainty that you or your staff would know if you are being hacked, or be able to spot the random activity that can appear once you have been hacked?

There are two avenues you can take to help solve this issue. The first would be to run a cyber awareness training course for all of your staff to help them identify hacking attempts.  The second would be to have an Audit ran on your IT systems to identify your weakness and areas that need improving to help keep your business, its data and your customers safe.

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