We all know that Windows XP and Windows 7 are now a security risk to your networks, but are you 100% confident there is still not a machine lurking on your network running these unsupported operating systems?

The same goes for your actual network configuration, are you aware of all the security vulnerabilities that could be hidden in the background just waiting for a hacker to exploit them?
An IT Audit is a really dry subject, but holds so much power as it enables you to get a clear understanding of what machines you currently have, how they are configured and what security vulnerabilities you may have.

But you also get so much more with our IT Audits as we also give you an action plan of how to improve your systems, productivity and save you money.
Our IT audits consist of at least 28 pages filled with in depth analysis, for those of you who love detail. For those of you that don’t then there is also a step by step guide of what actions need to be taken. Of course, they are all recommendations, so you do not need to follow all of them should you decide not to.

IT Audits are a great way for you to gain an external perspective on your current setup and provide you with alternatives you may not have even thought about.
The IT Audit is delivered in a three-stage process. Stage one involves a 45-minute phone call / teams / zoom meeting where we explore in a little detail your technical setup, but also to talk about any existing IT, Backup and Disaster Recovery policies you may have. During stage two we then install our Auditing software onto a nominated machine which scans your network. We also visit your site to inspect the network configuration and anything else the initial scan may prompt us to review.

We then build your IT Audit report and deliver it to you during stage three. The delivery can be in person or via Teams / zoom call. We will run through the initial findings and our suggestions to improve your systems and answer all questions you may have.

If you should then decide that you wish to implement any of our suggestions, we would be happy to assist.

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