60% of companies that lose their data fail within 6 months. Don’t let your company become a statistic.

Losing the ability to access your business data, even for a few minutes can have an explosive impact on your business. Your business and client data is the most important information you have, and need to run your business. Many businesses don’t realise this until the worst has happened, by fire, flood or even cyber attack.

Disaster Recovery Services
Keeping your data safe from hackers, fire and natural disasters

Utilising Disaster Recovery Services in your cyber defences is a sure way to enable your business to recover from any malicious damage caused by a hacker, fire, flood or any other natural disaster

Continuous backups of your entire system’s data

Our backup systems can be set to back up from as little as every 5 minutes on business critical files and folders.

Backups stored on premises, in our fire safe, and in our dedicated cloud storage.

All your data is stored in multiple locations, to protect against fire or flood, and all within GDPR guidelines.

Your data is stored using the strongest encryption available and is fully GDPR compliant.

We use data vaults located within the UK and use the highest levels of encryption available to keep your data safe and compliant with GDPR

Access to your data, even if your server is not operational.

Even if your office was hit by a ransomware attack, or fire, you would still have access to your data.

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