All of the team here at geekingITsimple pride themselves on our specialism we have with cybersecurity.  We hear the phrase “we’re too small to need to worry about cybersecurity” all the time.  Sadly, Cyber Criminals are identifying and targeting small rural companies for that very reason.

We need to break down the definition or rural for this blog, we referral to rural as anyone not based in a city such as Bath or Bristol.  We have met clients from Trowbridge to Yeovil who think that they just won’t get targeted.

The scary fact is 43% of business last year were affected by cybercrime, chances are you will know someone who has been a victim of cybercrime within the past year.  It’s an issue that is not going away and needs to be taken seriously by businesses large and small.

About 18 months ago we had a call from a small company based in Wiltshire who had been using another IT Support company to manage their systems and security.  Unfortunately, ransomware found its way onto their server and all of their files and emails were instantly encrypted.  They were completely held to ransom.  We took a call from a very distraught director who explained the situation and we immediately jumped into action.

Within a day we had all of their files decrypted and emails restored, without paying any ransom to the Cyber Criminals.  We then added proactive security measures to their systems as they only had Antivirus installed on the server to stop cyber attacks in their tracks.

Since then we have taken over the support of the company and are currently helping them with the migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10 to comply with GDPR because of the looming end of life of Windows 7 (amongst other Microsoft Products) in January 2020.

We take business IT security seriously and we are actively seeking to help as many businesses as possible, so that they do not lose any money to Criminals, or suffer any down time as a consequence to a cyber attack.

All businesses can take us up on our free IT systems audit to make sure you are protected.  If you would like to know more about this please arrange a no obligation call with me using the link below so we can begin the process of securing your systems, and your business.