It’s a rather simple question really, and I am sure one that seems rather obvious to you when you think about it.

So if your business is reliant on the internet, do you have a secondary internet connection that you could use if your main connection goes down?  Most businesses I speak to haven’t and more worryingly they haven’t realised the potential impact this could have on their business.

Thankfully since the Work from Home order was issued due to Covid most businesses are now setup to allow remote working from their employees home, so if the internet went down in the office you could send you staff home to work.  Its not a great solution, but workable.

But what if your staff use a VPN to dial back into the office to access all their files?  If the office internet connection is down then your VPN wont work……..

I appreciate running a secondary internet connection is an expense for a “what if” scenario, but how much would it cost your company in lost revenue, loss of productivity and if your phones run through the internet (voip) lost phone calls?

There are a few different options available to you.  The most obvious would be to run a secondary ADSL or fibre connection into your office.  I would strongly suggest that you do so with a different provider than your main connection, as individual providers can experience issues at different times, so if both your connections are with the same provider and they have a technical problem the chances are both your connections would be affected.   We also recommend to some companies (dependant on location) using a 4g router as this can usually be a much more cost-effective solution as you wouldn’t need to pay any installation charges.  Obviously if you have a poor signal at your office this would not be a viable option.

Once you do have two connections you need to make sure you have a router that is capable of monitoring both connections for when they go down, so that it can automatically switch between the two.  This would mean that if your main connection went down the router would automatically switch to the secondary connection and all you would notice is a momentary (seconds) blip whilst this happened.

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