Tech update 31st October 2022

We’ve all got used to Teams and Zoom video calls thanks to the pandemic. They are a convenient way to communicate, but not always the most exciting way to spend your time!

Lots of people really struggled with putting themselves in front of a camera, but in time many of us have gotten used to it.  But what if you still struggle?

Microsoft’s latest Teams update is aiming to solve both of these problems with animated versions of yourself.

They’re called Mesh avatars and are designed to take your meetings into the metaverse.  For those of you who scratched your head when you read the word metaverse, it is a virtual universe being developed by lots of the big tech players, including Facebook (who have changed their name to Meta).  The idea is that your avatar will be able to explore new worlds, play immersive games and virtually meet with friends.

You will be able to customise your physical appearance, accessorise, and choose from reaction gestures.

The good news for your wallet is that you won’t need an expensive headset to use them.  You currently do to explore the metaverse on other platforms.  You will just need to download the Avatars app in the Microsoft Teams App Store.

Big tech’s investing billions into developing the Metaverse right now and this 3D virtual space will mimic huge aspects of the real world, with shops, meeting places, and workspaces. In time, it’s set to become ‘the new internet’.

These avatars will be a great first step into this new style of virtual space. Right now they’re available in preview but we’re expecting news of a more general release soon.

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