Word is the workhorse of the Microsoft 365 suite.

It’s already packed with features. Yet many people don’t realise it can also be a powerful tool for real-time collaboration.

If your document is stored in OneDrive or SharePoint and you have the auto save function turned on, you can work with anyone, anywhere at any time…

Simply open your document, click on the share icon in the upper right-hand corner, then add the email addresses of the people you want to work with. Co-Authoring in Word is that easy!  Did you also know that you can import the document into a Teams channel and all view and modify the document in real time whilst on a Teams call?

Other good features of word is to be able to save the document as a PDF without needing to install any other conversion software, for more tips check out this link: https://www.dummies.com/software/microsoft-office/word/10-cool-tricks-with-microsoft-word-2019/

Since the introduction of Office 365 the Microsoft Office suite of programs are becoming more and more interconnected, which is making ease of use so much better.  Using Word documents from SharePoint or OneDrive also makes online collaboration a breeze, which is especially needed with the high adoption of Work from Home due to the pandemic.

We can help you get so much more from Microsoft 365 by showing you features you might not be aware of.  We offer bespoke training packages tailored to what you want to get out of Office 365.  For more information why not arrange a no obligation call with Louise from the calendar link below?