Objective: This policy has been decided to reduce the amount of client site visits during the current Coronavirus pandemic and includes measures to keep staff and clients safe.

The following measures should be adhered to by geekingITsimple staff when arranging a customer site visit:


    1. All efforts must be made to avoid visits where this is an option via:
      1. remote connection or remote working
      2. shipping hardware rather than delivering in person
    2. Where site visits are required, these will be approved by Jamie Seviour, Managing Director.
    3. When visiting a customer site, guidance on social distancing and hygiene should be requested on or before arrival.
    4. A request should be made to the customer limiting the number of other visitors during site visit.
    5. Limiting visits to a specific time window and restricting access to areas we are working in. Visits will be pre-scheduled, and once complete the host representative will be informed of our departure.
    6. Determining if schedules for essential services and contractor visits can be revised to reduce interaction and overlap between people, for example, carrying out services at night.
    7. Personal protective equipment will be provided by geekingITsimple for appropriate use by the geekingITsimple employee.

Objective: To make sure clients understand what they need to do to maintain safety while on site.

The following measures should be adhered to when accepting a field visit by a member of geekingITsimple staff:

    1. Providing clear guidance on social distancing and hygiene to people on arrival, for example, signage or visual aids and before arrival, for example, by phone, on the website or by email.
    2. Establishing host responsibilities relating to COVID-19 and providing any necessary training for people who act as hosts for visitors.
    3. Reviewing entry and exit routes for visitors and contractors to minimise contact with other people.
    4. Coordinating and working collaboratively with landlords and other tenants in multi-tenant sites, for example, shared working spaces.
    5. Revising visitor arrangements to ensure social distancing and hygiene, for example, where someone physically signs in with the same pen in receptions.
    6. Maintaining a record of all visitors if this is practical.
    7. Providing and explaining available guidance to geekingITsimple employees where that is specific to the site and/or industry

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