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Busy Bees Cleaning and Maintenance have been operating since 1998 and have steadily grown to a company with over 50 employees. They had used a local IT Support company to assist with their technology growth and daily helpdesk requirements for many years, but in December 2020 decided to see what other IT Support companies were out there and how they compared to their current service levels.

“Working with GeekingITsimple is an absolute pleasure”
The Journey From Old to New

The journey started when Louise, our Head of Sales and Product Management called Dan to find out what services they were currently receiving, After a few conversations Louise had pulled together all of the information needed to provide them with a quotation.

Busy Bees approved our proposal in late December 2020 and gave notice to their current IT Support company. We prepared a handover document and sent off to their current IT support company so that we would then have all of the information needed to start supporting them once their notice period had expired.

We agreed with Busy Bees to run the migration away from their incumbent IT Support company to us on a Saturday morning as they were concerned with possible downtime during the switch over.

On the Saturday morning of the migration we migrated all of Busy Bees digital services such as Office 365, Managed DNS and their Managed Wifi over to our systems, with no downtime and then went on site to remove all support software left by their, now old, IT Support company. We then installed our own remote support software and antivirus.

We also spent a couple of hours running through and resolving any outstanding technical issues or questions that had not been closed off by the old IT Support Company so we knew on Monday morning Busy Bees systems would be niggle free and ready to go.

Dan McCallie, Supervisor of Busy Bees answered a few of our questions……

How did you hear about GeekingITsimple?

We approached geekingITsimple late in 2020 to enquire into changing service providers, we were put into contact with Louise and she kept in contact with us until we felt the time was good for us to change service providers. Louise had extremely good attention to detail and didn’t push for a hard sale, every promise that was made was definitely delivered.

What were your main concerns when transitioning to a new IT support provider?

When you have been using a company as we had for many years change is always daunting, we were concerned that it wasn’t going to be a seamless transition and we would have to have a considerable down time for the transitioning to take place.

Did any of your fears or concerns come true?

Jamie and his team from geekingITsimple were absolutely fantastic and carried out all transitioning out of hours, they arrived at 9am on a Saturday and were all completed by 12. All back of house work was carried out with no interruption to our day to day working.

How do you find working with GeekingITsimple?

Working with geekingITsimple is an absolute pleasure, if we have any issues they are rectified within minutes of them occurring. We have gone from having approx. 15 service tickets a week with our previous service provider to having approx. 1 service ticket a week.

Would you recommend us to other businesses?

We would recommend geekingITsimple to any business that approaches us for
recommendation as they are an absolute credit to the industry. Jamie, Louise and the team explain things in simple terms and have a solution to any problem. We trust that they have our business best interests and when put to practice they never fail.

Dan McCallie February 2021

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