It’s now costing the world economy £740 billion a year

I’m it’s not the best way to start a new year, but as business owners you need to be aware of the cyber risks your business faces every day.

You see, I read the latest research on cybercrime in 2020. And it showed that 2 out of every 3 businesses will be a victim of some form of cybercrime this year.

Two out of every 3! That’s huge… yet actually, I’m not that surprised. Business owners and managers round here understandably don’t like to talk about it, when they’ve suffered some kind of breach.

My team and I help local businesses who have been victims of cybercrime. So we see how common it is.

In fact, the research I read showed that the world economy now loses more than £740 billion every year to cyber criminals.

The kinds of cyberattacks affecting businesses  include:

  • Phishing attacks: Where a criminal sends an email pretending to be someone else. Often this is an attempt to steal money, such as sending a real invoice with altered bank account details
  • Spoofing: A fake website designed to look like a real one. They want you to enter card details
  • Ransomware: Where your files are encrypted until a ransom is paid to recover them
  • Malware: Malicious software that does damage to your system

It only takes one person, to click on one link from one bad email – and damage can be done

It really is that easy. And with so many businesses round here likely to be affected this year, this is a good time to check your levels of protection.

You need what’s known as a blended security option, combining appropriate software with excellent staff training.

If you don’t have this kind of partnership with your IT support company, let’s jump on a video call for 15 minutes

We can explore how you work; how we work, and see if there’s an opportunity to partner.

It’s really important you know there’s no commitment to buy anything, or take it further. It’s just a chance for us to talk.

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