Tech update 5th December 2022

It’s nearly Christmas, and that means online scams are on the rise.

If your people are using their work devices for some last-minute shopping, they could be putting your business at risk of a cyber attack. How can you be sure your business is protected?

Nearly half of people have admitted to falling for some kind of online scam. It’s easily done. Maybe they clicked a link in a phishing email. That’s an email that looks like it’s from a person or brand you trust… but actually it’s from criminals.

Or they clicked on a social media offer that was too good to be true. New research shows that a massive 47% of people have clicked on links hoping to get a great deal, and instead ended up giving financial and personal details to cyber criminals.

That could mean they’re not only putting their own data and money at risk, but your device – and even your network – could be at risk, too.

As well as having the right cyber security tools in place, to keep the festive fraudsters out of your business, make sure your people know what to look out for.

And if there’s any doubt, don’t click that link, and never download that file.

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