Tech update w/c 10th October 2022

For many of us, Zoom is one of THE go to tools for business video calls. But its popularity makes it a target for cyber criminals.

When we’re setting up a brand new device, it’s a basic application to download and install.

But you need to be careful.

Because researchers have discovered six fake download sites designed to tempt you into installing ‘info stealing’ malware (malicious software) – they look very convincing.

And if you get Zoom from one of those, you could accidentally install malware.

That malicious software could give cyber criminals access to your bank info, passwords, and your browser history. Some can even steal your multi-factor authentication details.

This is an easy threat to avoid. Just make sure you download Zoom from its own website.

It’s a good idea to remind your team about this.

The best long-term protection for your business is a blend of smart software constantly monitoring for danger – plus fun security training for your people.

Humans are always the strongest first line of defence.

Keeping your data safe is one of our super powers.

We can provide software to avoid the exact situation mentioned above. The software will prevent the installation from happening and your staff can send the file over to our helpdesk with just a couple clicks for us to check and let you know whether it’s the correct Zoom or not.

Get in touch and we’ll tell you more about how we could help your business.