Tech update 14th November 2022


Video calls can be a massive time saver, certainly compared to meeting in real life. But we’re still not getting the full benefit from the new technology, according to research.

A new study shows some workers are wasting up to 10 minutes just getting the call set up.

You know how it goes… your camera doesn’t start properly, or everyone’s saying “can you hear me… hello… hello?”

The thing is, 10 mins on every call adds up to a whole WEEK a year.

That’s a massive loss of productivity.

The research shows that employees blame the tech itself for the loss of productivity.

Almost a third of people said they didn’t have the right tools for the job, and 23% even said they felt excluded from remote meetings thanks to inadequate tech.

Employees often feel that the audio-visual (AV) technology they’re provided for remote and hybrid working simply isn’t up to the job. That means poor microphones that don’t play ball, jittery webcams that interfere with communication, or the wrong choice of video calling software. All that makes meetings harder to set up and causes them to take longer than they should.

So it could be time for you to look again at your video call set-up – your microphones and cameras – even which applications you use.

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