Every day there are around 65,000 attempts to hack into businesses here in the UK.  What’s even more scary is the fact that 4,500 of those attempts are successful :-/

The loss of confidence from customers once a business notifies them and the ICO about a data breach is also very significant.  44% of people say they would stop spending with a company once they had reported a data breach due mainly to a loss in confidence.

One of the scariest figures in this blog though is that only 31% of businesses have actually ran a cyber risk assessment this year.  Whilst we are all aware of the difficulties this year has provided all businesses the adoption of remote working has made this statistic even more concerning.

Without running a cyber risk assessment how do you know if your company is prepared to defend from a hack, or how would you be able to identify if you had been hacked?

A cyber risk assessment is a must for any business who takes security seriously.  Most of the work involved with a cyber risk assessment is carried out by your IT provider, so only very little input is actually needed from you.  Once the risk assessment is completed you will have a very clear picture of where your weaknesses are, but more importantly you will have a roadmap of how to deal with those security risks.

If you are ever unfortunate enough to become the victim of a hack being able to demonstrate to the ICO that you had put systems in place (or were in the process of doing so) would help your case and could potentially lower the fine given to you by the ICO if serious enough.

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