Think about all the paperwork your business has moved about over the years…

You might think that paper is cheap. But factor in the cost of printers, toners, connectivity, and maintenance. And maybe it’s more trouble than it’s worth.  And of course, the damage printer consumables and manufacturing are doing to the environment.

Going paperless is a smart move on many levels. It’s good for the planet, you get faster access to information, and you start to enjoy a leaner, more dynamic way of doing business, and you save money in the process!

Here are 3 ways to become a paperless office:

Number one:

Move over to online applications. All the software you could ever need has already been invented and is waiting for you.  This covers all aspects from file storage, to accounting, to collaboration.  Software providers are actively moving their legacy systems to the cloud as it’s a good way of reoccurring revenue for them.  This of course can be a downside for you as most cloud applications are subscription based.  So rather than paying a one-off fee for the software, you will usually pay a monthly subscription per user for the cloud software.  Price is a factor you will need to consider.

Number two:

Invest in training employees to handle and process tasks electronically. Incentivise them to use less paper.  This can be simple things such as using Microsoft List, part of the office 365 suite, rather than scribbling tasks down on a notepad.

Number three:

Phase out old technology and processes. And enjoy a leaner, greener way of doing business!  It could be as simple as when a printer breaks down (which they inevitably do) not replacing it.  Or having the printer in a locked room which only you have the key for.  That way when a member of staff needs to print, they will need to ask you for the key.  It’s a bit extreme I know, but a really good way to engrain the new working practices.

For more information on how you can go paperless, and pick the right software, let’s talk.