Password managers solve a really important problem.

And that’s your team using the same weak passwords for multiple logins.

Constantly threatening the security of your business and its valuable data.

But despite this, password managers don’t seem to be liked that much. Which is crazy – because they do such a great job of protecting your business.

So, if you’re not already sold, here are 3 ways password managers will improve your team’s productivity:

One.  Auto login.

They give your team fast access to sites and services. Say good bye to resetting your password every time you try to access something and can’t remember the password!  The password manager can be installed on your computer, and you can have a mobile app on your smartphone, so no matter where you are you will always have access to your passwords.

Two: Stronger password generation.

Within a second, your password manager will suggest a long complex password that’ll help prevent future attacks.  If you have a company password policy then the password manager can be set to generate passwords that comply with your policy in a couple of easy clicks.

Three: Easy fill online forms

Gone are the days of filling out each field individually – personal and payment information can be completed in just a click, safely and securely.

Some people we have spoken with have raised concerns about how it could potentially be easy to crack your master password to access all of your other passwords.  With 2FA enabled on your password manager account this problem is easily rectified.

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