Cyber Security Training


Cyber Security Training

I’ve written many blog posts before on the importance of robust Cyber Security packages.  As good as these systems are at stopping threats from entering your network nothing can beat having a well-trained workforce who can spot these threats and know how to deal with them.

Whilst we are in the middle of lockdown 3, and the announcement yesterday that it will continue into March perhaps now is the perfect time to put your staff through our Cyber Security online training course?

The training course teaches your staff how to spot phishing emails by walking them through the different methods scammers and hackers use to gain access to your network and steal money from your business.

Of course it’s not just malicious emails they need to be aware of, but also hoax websites that are designed to capture usernames and passwords, malicious attachments in emails and even phone scams.

Once they have completed the course we can send out a hoax email and report back to you on how many of your staff opened, clicked on any links within the email, or even entered their details into it.  We can then provide them with further training if needed.

Is it really worth risking your business, its data and its money by not having a well-trained workforce that can spot potential threats to your networks?

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