New Year, New Ways to Boost Productivity


New Year, New Ways to Boost Productivity

Now that 2020 is behind us (phew) I am sure we are all looking forward to normality slowly resuming as this year progresses.  Whilst many of us are working in the office (socially distanced and covid secure) last year brought about a revolution in remote working, that was long overdue.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts about ensuring your staff are working to their full potential when at home, but what apps are available to help you and your staff organise yourselves better and therefore increase productivity?

The Microsoft 365 suite is constantly evolving and a great feature that has been around for a while now called Microsoft To Do is a great way to make lists of tasks that need to be completed.  Tasks can be assigned to different members of your team and can be accessed on mobiles, tablets, PCs and Macs.

Time tracking apps are also a great way to keep you on track.  I personally use a device called Timeular that lets me see how much time I spend on certain activities every day, such as checking and responding to emails, to creating educational content such as these blogs and weekly Tech Tip videos.

Of course the biggest way to increase productivity is to encourage communication.  If your team are working remotely then the Microsoft Teams app is a must for your business.  It allows your staff to have voice and video calls, along with instant messaging.  Because it also integrates with Microsoft Sharepoint it also makes collaborating on documents simple.

We’ve written a guide covering all of the tools mentioned, and much more to help your business succeed and grow this year.  Head over to our Guides page to get your copy now, and no we wont be asking for your contact details, its free, and yours to keep.


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