For those of you who do not follow technology I am sure Wednesday 15th of July 2020 was just a usual day (as much as that can be at the moment) for you.

Two large companies had a very bad day on the other hand!

Firstly, Microsoft was forced to announce that one of its latest security updates for Windows 10 inadvertently broke its flagship Email program, Microsoft Outlook.  The latest security update was not fully tested by Microsoft which meant that when users tried to open Outlook it would instantly crash.  Sadly, for Microsoft this is not the first time that a Windows update, designed to fix a bug or security vulnerability has had the knock-on affect of breaking another part of the operating system or one of its programs.

Social Media was ablaze with angry business owners and managers last night as it became apparent this issue was affecting everyone who do not have a good Managed Service Provider supporting them.  As part of our Managed Support Services we fully vet and test all Windows updates before deploying them to our customers PCs.  This meant that not even one of our Managed Service Clients encountered this issue with Outlook and continued to work unaffected, and still do.  Microsoft are currently working on a fix which they plan to deploy as soon as possible, in the meantime people are stuck with Outlook constantly crashing.


The second bad day was for Twitter, who through poor Cyber Security training of their staff fell foul of a cyber attack called Social Engineering.  Some of Twitters staff received an email from who they thought was their boss asking for information which led the hackers to be able to access the servers at Twitter, and post tweets to companies and celebrity Twitter accounts.  All too often we hear of how a what seemed to be innocent email causes damage, and even financial loss to businesses

A question that all business owners and managers need to ask themselves right now is “are my staff trained on how to spot a phishing email”?  If the answer to that question is “they are not” then the chances are you will have already, or in the near future will be caught by a phishing email, which has the potential of costing you thousands of pounds.  Even if you employ the most sophisticated of security systems your weakest point will always be your staff.

We have developed a brand new security suite called the “Ultimate Security Package” which covers your systems from Crypto Viruses, stolen laptops/usb sticks, your emails from spam and phishing attacks, filtering of malicious websites within your network, dark web monitoring of your usernames and passwords, and most importantly on going cyber awareness training for your staff.

If you would like more information on our Managed Service offerings, so that you are never affected by Microsoft’s poor programming check out the link here, or arrange a time for me to call you below in my calendar.

For more information about our new Ultimate Security Packages, designed to keep your data, systems and employees safe click on this link, or arrange a no obligation call with me below via my calendar.